Stockmeier France – your formulator and distributor of premium-quality chemicals.

Stockmeier France is a leading French distributor of premium quality chemicals. Its strengths lie in quality, safety and environmental protection.

The company's main distribution sites are located in:

  • Rennes
  • Montereau (south of Paris)
  • Cestas (near Bordeaux)
  • Niort
  • Haubourdin (in the Lille Metropolitan District)
  • Formerie (near Rouen)
  • Arnas (near Lyon)

A full network

Thanks to our network, we are able to supply a full range of products and services while also ensuring famously rapid response times. With storage capacity of over 11,000 m3, we are able to meet all your requirements throughout France, Europe and North Africa.

Stockmeier France in Europe and in the world

Stockmeier France now fully belongs to the Stockmeier Group, which brings us terrific development opportunities in France and in Europe. This family owned company, founded nearly 100 years ago, is present in 14 countries and operates 50 sites in Europe, the USA and Russia.

Stockmeier France's fields of expertise

As well as distributing basic chemicals and solvents and denaturing alcohol, Stockmeier France offers expertise in a wide variety of fields including:

  • Food additives and ingredients (FOOD)
  • Formulating hygiene and disinfection products (H&D)
  • Additives and raw materials for animal nutrition (FEED)
  • Water treatment products
  • Formulating industrial surface treatment agents (REGOR)

Some historical background ...

  • Founded by Jean Langlois in 1925.
  • Speciality chemical production starts in 1946.
  • Site set up in the Pilate district of St Jacques de la Lande 1947-48
  • Cestas warehouse set up in 1990.
  • Montereau warehouse set up in 1997.
  • Langlois chimie and Clément RPC become Solvadis France in 2002.
  • Acquisition by Stockmeier France in July 2005
  • Acquisition by Kem AG, a Stockmeier Holding Gmbh and Overlack AG joint venture, in 2011.
  • Acquisition of Indal S.A. in 2012.
  • New warehouse acquired in Arnas (Rhone département) in 2014
  • Stockmeier France celebrates 20 years of ISO certification (1994 – 2014)
  • Acquisition of Lubro in 2016
  • Joined 100% the Stockmeier Group in July 2019

Video providing an overview of our business:

Stockmeier France and workplace gender equality

On 27/04/2015, Stockmeier France S.A.S. signed an agreement on workplace gender equality pursuant to Sections L.2242-5 et seq of the French Employment Code, the 'Code du Travail'.

The signatories confirmed their desire to ensure workplace gender equality and encourage the development of workplace diversity which contributes to collective enrichment while also guaranteeing social cohesion and economic effectiveness.
Moreover, the signatories were aware that prejudiced behaviour and stereotypes relating to women can continue in spite of the existing legislation and impede their professional development. They therefore decided to coordinate the action plan with an awareness-raising campaign aimed at encouraging continued changes in attitudes towards workplace gender equality in the long term.
The aim of the agreement is to express and define a number of measures aimed at ensuring and promoting the principles of equal treatment and diversity at all stages of professional life.