Supplier Code of Conduct

Introduction to the code of conduct


Quaron is a leading French distributor of premium quality chemicals, additives and food and feed
ingredients in France. Quality, safety and environmental protection are our core values.
QUARON pays particular attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and recognizes its
importance in the success of the company, to maintain the trust of its customers and shareholders,
its employees, and all its stakeholders.
QUARON CSR Policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a voluntary approach which promotes our
commitments to continuous improvements in social environmental and economic sustainability.
QUARON is a member of UFCC (Union Française du Commerce Chimique) a national body
representing France’s chemical industry, and is also committed to the principles of “Responsible
Care®”, a voluntary initiative of the chemical industry for continuous improvement in the areas of
environment protection, health and safety.
QUARON’s efficient quality management involves the use of indicators and internal audits to assess
process effectiveness and continual improvements. Decisions are taken accordingly.
Through the implementation of a regulatory monitoring, QUARON stays up to date with the latest
regulation changes (labor code, health and security at work, environment, products …).

As an extension of its CSR strategy, QUARON expects its suppliers to commit themselves on the basis
of the following principles:

  • Integrity and loyalty of practices;
  • Human rights, labor and social rights;
  • Respect for the environment;
  • Intellectual property and the protection of information and data.

Integrity and loyalty of practices

To fulfill the social commitments, suppliers must conduct their business ethically, fairly and act with
integrity, pursuing the following commitments:

Integrity of the company

Suppliers must not practice or tolerate any form of bribery, extortion or fraud. They must not offer
gifts or any other advantage that would inappropriately influence trading partners.

Conflicts of interest

Suppliers are requested to prevent and avoid any situation that may create conflicts of interest.

Competition law

Suppliers must submit to fair competition while respecting competition law.

Human rights, labor and social rights

Suppliers must respect the human rights of their employees and treat them with dignity and respect.
They must agree to the following:

Child labour & forced labour

Suppliers must not use child labor or forced labor in any way, in accordance with the principles of
the United Nations Global Compact, the Declaration of Human Rights, and the guidelines of the
International Labor Organization (ILO).


Suppliers must respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual employee. They
must ensure that their employees are not discriminated against on the basis of personal criteria such
as: origin, sex, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, age, political, religious opinions, or illness.

Working time, wages and benefits

Working time must comply with the regulations in force. The remuneration paid to employees will
comply with applicable national wage law and will ensure an adequate standard of living for
employees and their families. Suppliers must pay their employees fair and competitive remuneration
and benefits.

Safety, health and hygiene

Suppliers must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations and take the necessary health,
safety and hygiene measures at the workplace to prevent any risk of accidents or occupational

Harassment & violence

Suppliers will give their employees the right to work in an environment where abusive and
inhumane treatment, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment or torture, moral and
physical harassment or verbal abuse are prohibited.

Respect for the environment

QUARON is committed to the Responsible Care® program, a voluntary approach to ethical and
responsible management of activities and products in order to promote continuous improvement
and achieve excellence in the environment, health and safety.

QUARON expects its suppliers to respect the principles of this program, in particular:

Respect for the environment

Suppliers must comply with international standards and local environmental laws and regulations.
QUARON requires its suppliers to undertake the necessary measures to prevent, evaluate, mitigate
and avoid the risks and impacts of their business activities on the environment.

Quality and safety of products and services

Suppliers shall ensure that the products and services they provide meet all applicable standards for
quality and safety. Their products and / or services do not contain any substance that is prohibited
by the laws and / or regulations applicable in the countries where they operate and / or represent an
unacceptable risk to health or the environment.

Where necessary, suppliers are able to provide SDS (Safety Data Sheets) containing all safety
information related to the handling of hazardous substances used.

Intellectual property & protection of information and data

Protecting Intellectual Property

Suppliers must comply with applicable national laws and international treaties on intellectual

Protection of information and data

Suppliers must respect the confidentiality of information and non-public data. They must respect the
confidentiality agreements in force. In the same way, suppliers must take all necessary precautions
to protect personal, professional or private data, in compliance with European (General Data
Protection Regulations - GDPR) and / or international regulations.

Supplier Commitment

The supplier has read and adhered to the fundamental principles set out in the Supplier Code of
Conduct, and will take all necessary steps to ensure that its behavior is in accordance with the
expectations expressed in this Code of Conduct.