Quaron CSR Policy

Quaron is a leading French distributor of premium quality chemicals, additives and food and feed ingredients in France.
Quality, safety and environmental protection are our core values.
Quaron is part of the Stockmeier Group ; the cooperation with our shareholder allowing us to meet our customers' requirements in most European countries.
Quaron offers a wide range of products as well as blending solutions.
Quaron has developed hygiene and disinfection products (H&D) for various applications in food industries, community services, agriculture, and car wash...
Quaron CSR Policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a voluntary approach which promotes our commitments to continuous improvements in social environmental and economic sustainability.

It operates in accordance with the 7 core principles of ISO 26000:

  1. Governance
  2. Human Rights
  3. Labor practices
  4. Environment
  5. Fair operating practices
  6. Consumer issues
  7. Community involvment and development

1. Governance

Quaron has established a strategic project management developing operational actions in all its sites and
production facilities;
Quaron’s management demonstrates its commitments to CSR by ensuring the following principles:

  • Compliance with laws and legal regulations;
  • Safeguarding people and the Environment by managing the risks associated with the use of hazardous products;
  • Competitiveness in a complex economical environment;
  • Answering customers requests, and complying with legal requirements and corresponding norms (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, GMP+, EN, FSSC 22000);
  • Setting up a food security policy in order to provide quality products to our customers in terms of safety for humans, animals and Environment.

Quaron is a member of UFCC (Union Française du Commerce Chimique) a national body representing France’s chemical industry, and is also committed to the principles of “Responsible Care®”, a voluntary initiative of the chemical industry for continuous improvement in the areas of environment protection, health and safety.
Quaron’s efficient quality management involves the use of indicators and internal audits to assess process effectiveness and continual improvements. Decisions are taken accordingly.
Through the implementation of a regulatory monitoring, Quaron stays up to date with the latest regulation changes (labor code, health and security at work, environment, products …).
Quaron has been awarded the “Silver” medal for its CSR policy.

2. Human rights

Quaron acknowledges and complies wit Human Rights and French law.
Quaron has signed with the employee’s representative bodies a “gender equality policy” taking into account:

  •  The prohibition of discrimination;
  •  Equal access to job opportunities for women and men;
  •  Equal pay for women and men;
  •  Fight against human rights, psychological and sexual harassment.

Rules are outlined in an ethical code of conduct, which is part of Quaron’s rules of procedure.
In close collaboration with the legal bodies, Quaron fights against the risks of misuse of its products.

3. Labor practices

Quaron respects the International Labor Organization conventions.

Quaron complies with French Labor laws, in particular:

  • Employment contracts
  • Working conditions
  • Collective agreement
  • Information technology and civil liberties law …

All new employees go through training, providing:

  • Basic background information about Quaron
  • Safety training and emergency procedures
  • On the job training (OJT)
  • All necessary equipment

In order to help its employees to meet their career goals, Quaron has built a training program which includes regular performance reviews and skills development schemes.
Risks assessments to which employees are exposed are carried out regularly and workplaces are adjusted accordingly.
Occupational medicine is in charge of occupational health of Quaron employees, and psychosocial risks are monitored.
Occupational health & safety policies and procedures are widely communicated, and appropriate training provided especially to firstaid attendants and firemen. Incidents are systematically registered and analyzed, and corrective measures taken.
Employees representatives (CSE) are elected and thoroughly trained. The “workplace health & safety committee” helps to prevent and control hazards.

4. Environment

All Quaron sites are subject to ICPE rules (Facilities Listed for the Protection of Environment) and are classified Seveso II.
The environmental impact studies show that industrial risks are controlled and managed in order to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for the neighborhood. A reliable security and risk management is operating on each site with regular Administration assessments.
Striving to continually reducing its impact on Environment, Quaron has successfully obtained the ISO 1400 certification in 2004 which is now extended and maintained on all sites.
Quaron environmental policy and actions are communicated to employees annually.
Processes and organization of our facilities and technologies are based on detailed analysis and measurement of impacts on air, water, soil, natural resources, and waste pollution.
The status of our products under REACH are listed in our Safety Data Sheets which are available from our sales forces and sent by email after each shipment in accordance with the applicable rules. Information about SVHC substances is provided in the SDS.
Quaron has a R&D laboratory developing innovative products especially in hygiene and disinfection, always minimizing any adverse impacts on users and environment.
Quaron is a member of ADIVALOR, an eco-organization whose goal is to collect and recycle waste packaging.

5. Fair operating practices

Quaron complies with regulations in terms of:

  • subcontracting
  • competition

Quaron acts in a fair and balanced manner with all its business partners (customers, suppliers and subcontractors).
Written contracts promote adequate practices as well as clear and accurate rules.
As part of our suppliers and subcontractors selections, periodic assessment audits are conducted.

Quaron aims at fostering a culture of compliance, through a model of ethics and integrity and fights against bribery, corruption and
any other illegal conduct.

Quaron’s Privacy Policy regulates and ensures confidentiality when processing intellectual and industrial data.

6. Consumer issues

Quaron manufactures and supplies products and services to business and industrial customers

Quaron’s certifications :

  • ISO 9001: quality management
  • ISO 14001: environnemental management
  • GMP+ : sanitary safety for animal nutrition
  • FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000 : sanitary safety for human nutrition
  • Bio
  • Ecocert (ecodetergent)

Ensure that products which are marketed meet legislation standards and that technical and safety data sheet, labeling, and commercial documents are produced.
Quaron’s handling of claims and crisis management processes are regularly tested.
Quaron communicates in a loyal, transparent, ethical and non- discriminatory way.

7. Community involvement and development

Quaron is committed to providing clear and transparent information to local authorities such as DREAL, DDPP, DGCCRF, Douanes, DIRECTE…...
With competitive pricing policies, Quaron has adopted a European purchasing policy for goods and works with local suppliers for services.
Each year, Quaron offers various internship and apprenticeship experiences.
Quaron contributes to professional integration and favors local employment and internal promotion.