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Quaron is a preferred partner of water treatment companies and local communities, and is also specialized in hygiene and disinfection products for collective catering.

Hygiene and Disinfection

If you are a local authority user or distributor of cleaning and disinfection agents, our H&D division has a wide range of products to offer:

  • Dishware hygiene
  • Surface hygiene
  • Oven and cooker hood cleaning
  • Pipe hygiene
  • Staff hygiene
  • Surface disinfection
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Hygiene and Disinfection

Water treatment

We are specialists in distributing water treatment products (for drinking, waste and industrial water).

Quaron is water treatment operators' preferred partner, with over 250,000 tonnes of products supplied through its French warehouses.

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Water treatment

Road salt

Quaron S.A.S. is your specialist in:

  • Road salt
  • Antifreeze agents

Every year, road salt supplies fail to meet demand. To avoid such problems this year, you can rest assured that our stocks are supplied earlier enabling you to plan ahead.

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Road salt