Food safety : a shared challenge

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Numerous cleaning and disinfection standards

Cleaning and disinfection in the food industry has become a critical factor in producing finished products that are safe and compliant with consumer and regulatory requirements.

Quaron H&D is able to offer its customers the best service in terms of managing food hazards based on special ranges, guidance and daily research into improving its methods.

Approved disinfectants

Quaron H&D offers a full range of approved disinfectants for use on surfaces and equipment that come into contact with foodstuffs (decree of 19/12/2013 amending the decree of 08/06/1999).

Clear and formalised cleaning protocols

Temperature, chemistry, time and mechanics parameters must be observed to achieve optimal cleaning and disinfection (Sinner's Circle).

Quaron offers customised cleaning instructions within this framework.

Training your staff

Quaron H&D is an approved training centre for various hygiene and safety training courses.