The strength of a group

Quaron S.A.S. belongs to a group that includes two major German chemical operators. This consortium currently brings together:

  • some 50 European sites
  • 2,380 employees
  • 2,153,000 tonnes of products supplied
  • €1.5 billion turnover in 2015

Consequently, Quaron S.A.S. is the third largest French chemical distributor with 7 sites nationwide.

For over 50 years, our H&D division has offered a full range of detergents, disinfectants, acids, etc.

What we offer:

  • An outstanding R&D laboratory
  • Your supplies are guaranteed
  • An expert sales force
  • Specialist in hygiene and safety training
  • Reseller of application equipment (over 300 items)

An outstanding laboratory

Our testing and R&D laboratory at our Rennes site and its 5 chemists/microbiologists allows us to:

  • Innovate in the field of farm hygiene, an activity we have pursued for the past 40 years
    (milking machines, udder disinfection, enzyme products).
  • Monitor regulations and communicate regularly on matters such as Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC and REACH.
  • Analyse your requirements and formulate products meeting your needs.


Our operational fields:

  • Meat / Seafood
  • Ready meals / Canning
  • Beverages
  • Milk / Cheese
  • Local authorities
  • Cosmetics / Pharmacies
  • Catering trade
  • Food transport
  • Agriculture/Livestock

Quaron H&D also offers related services...


  • A sales force with qualifications in cleaning that offers a first-class technical monitoring service.
  • An attentive customer relations department to help you with your initiatives on a daily basis.
  • Over 120 pages of qualified application equipment, spare parts, etc.