Who were are

Quaron Group today

  • Leading distributor of high quality industrial chemicals in France and in Belgium
  • Distributor of client-specific products and services
  • Producer under their own brand of Baso Arvo technical products for hygiene and disinfection in the food industry, restaurants and catering and local communities and agricultural production
  • Focus on quality, service, safety and environmental protection
  • Proactive compliance with national and international laws and regulations
  • 210 employees in 6 different locations
  • More than 3000 different products in stock
  • More than 250,000 tonnes of delivered volume per year
  • 7,000 clients of various sizes and scopes
  • Own laboratories in Rennes and Haubourdin (France)
  • Extensive warehouse facilities and tanks
  • Mixing installations of the utmost efficiency
  • One of the first ISO-certified chemical distribution centres in Western Europe (1990)
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Prominent partner in the Responsible Care® programme


Quaron provides the perfect link between chemical manufacturers and end-users. With a wide range of activities - such as storage, thinning, mixing, packing and transporting chemical products, technical support and the dividing up of bulk quantities - Quaron offers substantial added value to our clients.

In addition, Quaron produces a number of products under their own brand, Baso Arvo products (Hygiene and Desinfection in food industry).

More than 650,000 tonnes of chemicals are delivered each year.

In all of these activities, quality, service, safety and environmental protection are of greatest concern.

Company name:

Quaron refers to Quaron Lake, one of the oldest protected nature reserves in the world located around 90 kilometres from Cairo. The lake is known worldwide for its abundance of sea-, river-, and continental fossils, which date back more than 40 million years. Quaron's primary objective is excellence in quality, safety, health and environmental protection.
In this respect, Quaron already has a strong bond with the beautiful and protected area in Egypt. In addition, water is an essential element in the sector in which Quaron operates. Water makes a large contribution to Quaron's success.
Think not only of the hundreds of millions of litres of water that are necessary to make our products, but also of the products we sell to treat that water itself. It is Quaron's objective to protect the environment - now, and in the future.


Quaron's primary distribution centres are located in Rennes, Montereau, Bordeaux, Niort, and Haubourdin (France) and Marquain (Belgium). Therefore, Quaron has excellent geographic coverage in these three countries. Its extensive warehouse facilities (18,000 pallet spaces) and tanks (200 tanks, 20m3 to 1000m3) comply with the strictest national and international regulations for safety, quality, health and the environment. Quaron's mixing installations operate at the utmost efficiency. Here, a large number of liquid and solid mixtures are prepared to order. The mixing tanks are a variety of sizes, from 1.2m3 to 25 m3.


In 1990, Quaron was one of the first ISO-certified chemical distributors in Western Europe. Since then, Quaron has been a leader in quality, safety, health and environmental protection. The variety of certifications for management systems, such as ISO 9001 en ESAD, the conscientious observation of the principles of Responsible Care®, and the quality standards of HACCP and GMP-plus are crucial examples of Quaron's commitment. In addition, Quaron of course adheres to all client-specific requirements regarding quality, quantities and packaging.

History :

Districhimie Solvadis

1909 : Incorporation of Lotigie (first facility in Roubaix)

1974 : Change of structure of Lotigie; 
incorporation of Districhimie

1989 : Acquisition Districhimie (50%)
by Chemsumma, a Dutch chemical
distributor (locations Haubourdin,
Mulhouse and Gennevilliers). In
1990 remaining shares of Districhimie
were acquired

2003 : MBO backed by Bencis Capital

2005 : Name change to Quaron
(March 2005)


1925 : Langlois Chimie is established by Jean

1977 : Langlois acquired by Klöckner & Co

1990 : Opening facility in Cestas

1996 : Acquisition of Clément RPC and
opening facility in Montereau in the
following year

1998 : Langlois is acquired by

2002 : Merger of Langlois Chimie and
Clément RPC into Solvadis France

2004 : Acquisition by Orlando Management

2005 : Acquisition by Quaron in july 2005

2010 : Quaron Belgium and Quaron Netherlands sold to Univar Europe
2011 : Quaron France sold to Stockmeier and Overlack
2011 : Quaron SAS open facility on Marquain (Belgique).


  • French (Fr)
  • English (United Kingdom)

En tant que membre de l'UFCC et adhérent au Responsible Care de l'Industrie Chimique pour la protection de l'environnement, Quaron reste très impliqué dans l'amélioration de la sécurité, la protection de la santé et de l'environnement.