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Quaron is leading distributor of high-quality chemicals in France. Quaron producs, formulates and distributes chemical products. Excelling in quality, service, safety and care for the environnement is regarded as Quaron's most important objective.

The main distribution centres are located in :

- Rennes
- Montereau
- Cestas-Bordeaux
- Niort
- Lille-Haubourdin.

A sales office in Belgium

- Marquain

This network allows us to offer a full range of products and to be reactive to our customers’ needs. With a storage capacity of more than 9,400 m3, we are able to satisfy your requirements in France, Europe and North Africa.

-          Commodities
-          Water treatment
-          Solvents
-          Surface treatment
-          Denatured alcohol
-          Antifoam products
-          Active coal
-          Surfactants
-          Antifreeze
-          Animal nutrition products
-          Food additives and ingredients
-          Hygiene and Disinfection (Food industry, Agriculture, Milk industry, Catering, Car Wash, Wine industry…)


Quaron  was acquired in 2011 by German chemical distributors Stockmeier Gmbh (www.stockmeier.de) and Overlack AG (www.overlack.de). The synergies with our shareholders allow us to answer our customers’ needs in most European countries.

In addition to our chemical distribution activity, Quaron has become one of the leaders in the production of hygiene and disinfection products used in various areas such as: food industry, catering, agriculture, car wash…  Please visit our dedicated hygiene and disinfection website: click here

Bruno Lafabregue, CEO of Quaron


  • French (Fr)
  • English (United Kingdom)

Quaron News

Oct 2011 : Quaron is expanding ...
In October 2011, Quaron SAS opened a branch office in Belgium.
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04.03.11 : Quaron Sold to Stockmeier et Overlack
Kem AG ("Kem"), a joint-venture of  Stockmeier Holding Gmbh and Overlack AG, announced today that  they closed the acquisition of all the shares in Quaron France SA (« Quaron »). This acquisition is a first step towards the creation of a distribution network for chemical products in Europe Kem has been created for the purpose of this acquisition
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Wormerveer, Netherlands / Düsseldorf, Germany - 11th January 2011
Eurochem B.V.("Eurochem") and Kem A.G. ("Kem") a joint venture of Stockmeier Holding GmbH and Overlack AG announced today that they have signed an agreement through which Kem will take over from Eurochem all the shares in Quaron France S.A. ("Quaron").
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CFIA 2011 - 15-16-17 March 2011
Quaron welcomes you to its two booths, food additives and hygiene
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En tant que membre de l'UFCC et adhérent au Responsible Care de l'Industrie Chimique pour la protection de l'environnement, Quaron reste très impliqué dans l'amélioration de la sécurité, la protection de la santé et de l'environnement.